Duel of the Fates

oversized hooded cape - H&M (dude's section)
Boots - Jeffrey Campbell
Living in walking distance to H&M means that I walk to such store more than I ever should. As Fall approaches and people are all about the bundle up lifestyle, I began my search for cozy accessories. Shockingly!..and I say SHOCKINGLY...the women's section only carries these semi-transparent dainty little scarves that resemble napkins trying to be edgy. It never dawned on me to check the secret bottom floor section of the Seattle H&M men's section for anything I would contemplate wearing...but holy shit...they have the most amazing chunky knit scarves I could have hoped for...WHY DID IT TAKE ME THIS LONG TO KNOW. Scarves are so gender neutral yet we automatically assume dudes only want big fucking face covering things of glory. FALSE. Ladies want that too.
I'm not even wearing the scarves I bought in this photoset but the super cool hooded jacket is from their DIVIDED men's line...but it screamed Sith Lord and it will be a cold day on Tattooine when I put that back on the shelf because it's made for a bro. IT'S MINE.
I don't know why it's no longer available online (possibly so awesome that it sold out ..) but check in store if you feel so inclined to look alil' like this :)
Also when I shot this set...it reminded of my most favorite shower jam..and my theme song...Duel of the Fates....
and before we end the day....check out this rad installation "The Transfinite" by Ryoji Ikeda.
I'd like to live in a place like this one day....a living room plagued with the potential of vertigo...yes....that's good stuff :)


Beggin for Thread

I'd like to take this moment to marinate in the fact that for the first time in 6 years I'm wearing real pants....truth, because like many humans, I too have major fit issues with certain clothes. Proportionally I'm a bit wonky so it has always been near impossible for any type of perfect fit....and I'm not really a blue jeans" type of chick..so what on this planet would ever even satisfy me...really...:)
Turns out I just needed to try out every pair Zara and H&M ever created. I managed to find the ultimate pair of black high waisted skinnies...because I'm not about to show any crackage, ya dig? And these half denim half leather contraptions are from the latest H&M fall collection. If you're wearing any type of leather ankle boot, it gives the illusion of thigh highs, which makes them pretty duel purpose if you ask me? In the midst of searching for big girl pants, I've been on the quest to create the ultimate cyborg showroom-esc abode. When anyone really gets their own space, it's inclination to decorate according to theme..and fuck....boho, and traditional, and typical "contemporary" bore me to death. Nobody ever goes after an inner sanctum of darkness, lined with structured jackets and tipped off with sci-fi pillows. That, along with my obsession with acrylic furniture, and we have the start to a cool casa. I'm going to shoot the whole thing eventually but this is my favorite little corner...

That's all dolls!


A Time Traveler of Both Time and Space

slouch boots - Jeffrey campbell
Leggings - Jeffie
belt - H&M

Please tell me I'm not the only one counting down the days until Fall? Come to momma, jacket weather! This black, half leather/half structured chiffon super cool zip blazer is so cool that the original origin of where it came from escaped my memory! I wear it a lot and people always ask where it's from...and I end up sounding like an idiot...so here I am again to further the mystery...it photographs well but I don't know where the hell you can get one :)
And these leggings are a wardrobe staple for me. Along with their extended family of robo-chic leggings, they infiltrate my daily wear as if they are my second skin....if you aren't new to this blog..you know this already. :) 
The last two weeks have been so busy with work and personal stuff that all the cool pictures from my various adventures and such have been sitting in a little folder...wah wuh...*tiny violin plays
Rest assured, they will be up later this week. In the meantime, jam out to classic Led Zeppelin, which is the ultimate theme song for walking down the street as a bad ass robo chick. 


Dream of Us

Jacket - Asos
Fly away tank - H&M
Origami leather skirt - H&M
Boots - Victoria's Secret
I liked the jacket in Oblivion so much I almost went and bought a replica last month...and then the doubts of my teeny frame being able to handle the gigantic shoulder space and boxy fit scared me out of it :) A week later I found this stunning pale grey super cool leather jacket from Asos...which was like the lady version of the iconic dude ensemble. Yet again, while the sun is still making it's yearly appearance I grabbed my camera and had to shoot it muy rapido in the back alley. Paired with this killer fly away distressed tank dress....(I think it's supposed to be a real dress but I'm too tall :) ) and my favorite combat boots...and that's what I call a perfect summer to fall look :) I used a lot of pale blues and grey hues for this photo set so that's it's reminiscent of the movie but not like...a fucking carbon copy. I was also incredibly influenced by Rick Owen's FW 2009 show in Paris...which is still a favorite of mine...but his usage of grey leather and asymmetric drape was lovely...and one of the best ways to really play up a super flowing tank or piece is to cross collide it with a form fitting clothing counterpart...like a bad ass jacket.
tis all, my dolls!


What Now

Dress - Vintage  RO
Hey babes! 
I figured, hey, while the sun is still out, why not get some stellar pics of some of my most cherished wardrobe pieces in the precious little back ally behind my loft! There's never a lot of sun back there...or apparently in Seattle after this month, so I'll be damned if I don't take advantage of how delicate beams of light dance down the cement like....well....lazer beams from aliens...or at least that's what I think of. As my style develops, I really find comfort in the genre of dressing for the apocalypse...if that genre exists at all:) no wait, it exists...I pin that shit all the time on Pinterest. 
This shoot was a tiny release for me in the midst of a jam packed weekend. Sometimes, I find my mind is at it's best when I am simply experimenting with a camera and light.....or when I'm upside down, but that's another story. Conveniently towards the end of this set, my tripod's leg gave out and with that, my camera came tumbling down and the lens nearly died! And I say nearly, because I managed to pull a Macgyver and disassemble and re-assemble it back to almost fully working capabilities again....how's that for multi-talented biotch?
I also want to give a quick thanks to all of my readers and followers of my magazine. How incredible is it for me to wake up to the numbers of 1,500,453 reads. I can't tell you how many times I've contemplated shutting it down, but the ambition I have to inspire overshadows all doubt, and for that motivation, I thank you all. 
So anyways...this is a mush pile of all of my favorite things. I was inspired by Rad Hourani, the Matrix, the apocalypse...and the visually stunning music video for "what now."